Artist's Management and Representation, Louisville, Austin, Musicians, painters, sculptors,poets,dancers agent, publicist    

@ J&b dances we understand the job of the artist is to pursue a Muse.

That may be sight or sound, words, music, imagery in any media.

The artist may feel no "vision" at all-only know the need to get the art out.

We also understand that well executed art is no art at all without an audience

. Connecting the artist with the Muse.

Choreographing the connection between the artist and the market.

Facilitating growth of the artist, growth of the audience, serving as a interface between the artist and the business world.

"semiotics in motion"

If you know you can do it, but know you need help

to take it up a notch, or get it known,

you may be ready for the dance.  

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